2017-04-27T12:54:22-07:00April 27 2017, at 12:54 PM PDT, Robert Goodman said:

I bet enrollment for tackle increases this year over last, because of the economy. Auricle Communications, a not-for-profit in the metropolitan area that runs radio station WFMU and a few other things, held its annual fundraising pledge marathon last month. Last year's barely got to the goal, which had not been increased in several years, during which they struggled to meet it. In the past year they lost their biggest bringer of donations, who spun off his program to commercial status by digital stream. Yet they increased their goal by about 8% for this marathon, and they easily exceeded it in pledges, first time it'd come in that easily in many years.

I think this year people feel more confident spending money on luxuries and donations, including spending on their children. Sometimes people wonder what they're doing that affects enrollment, but a great deal of it is beyond our control: consumer confidence in the overall economy. I would be surprised if the Warriors did not increase their total roster in the tackle divisions for 2017, over and above the factor of graduation from last season's well-attended flag division.

2016-10-31T11:48:08-07:00October 31 2016, at 11:48 AM PDT, Robert Goodman said:

Thanks so much for the YouTube of the Columbia U. outing, Joe. While I'm away it's great being able to see them having fun. Who did the videography and the editing, and who got it up so fast?