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Week 4 Highlights 10/6

Posted by Joe DeSimone at Oct 10, 2018 12:59PM PDT


Flag Division Outstanding Players
PARKVIEW SPORTS SIOUX- Miles Medina & Jacob Melendez
BARINO’S MARKET MOHICANS- Paul Viselli & Vincent Alfieri

Jr Peewee Division Highlights

The Middletown Animal Clinic Ramblers were defeated by the Parq Sports Bar & Rest. Crusaders 20-12. Defensive player of the game for the Ramblers goes to Ayden “Antman” Ayala as the CEO of the Warriors League, Joe Desimone, gave him props for making great form tackles. Defensive Lineman of the game goes Andrew “Hulk” Colon as he had a significant tackle in the backfield. Offensive Lineman of the game goes to Evin “MTA” Noriega and Kwame “Groot” Josie providing enough blocking to give the QB enough time to pass the ball a couple of times. Offensive players of the game are Tristan “Juju” Robson ran for 70 yards and completed 2 TD passes to Tyler “Terminator” Laniyan. Coach Tim was much impressed with the team’s 2nd half effort on both sides as they made a comeback to keep them in the game. His post-game comments pointed out that the Ramblers, although are 0-3, we are a much better team now than when they began the season. Outstanding players for the Crusaders are Brayden Lungo, Aaron Valentin, Marcus Victoria, and Nasir Delgado. Ryan Weber added a catch to his growing record of accomplishment on the football field.

The Cardinal Spellman HS Spartans and the O’Connor Carpets Blue Devils had the off date.

Peewee Division Highlights

In a battle of the Funeral Homes, The Schuyler Hill FH Javelins beat the Ralph Giordano FH 25-6. For the Javelins, the speedy Devon Deleon added to his TD count by scoring first on a 50yard screen pass. QB Andrew Lane scored next on a keeper play. He also threw a 50 yard bomb to receiver Christian Bangora, who is having a breakout season. Once again the O-line of Ishmael Shaheed, Jayden Brown, Aiden Castellanos, Liam Conlon and Malik González provided the protection and opened huge holes. On the defensive side, Kenny Clarke and Matthew Familia made great tackles. The team defense has been super this season. Devon Deleon added a pick 6 to end the game. Jayden Cyprian, Liam Conlon, Kenny Clarke, Ismail Shaheed and newcomer Gabriel Green were tough to handle all day. For the Saints Tyler Bobe, Mykal Callender, Ethan Cruz, Kiel Leonard, Richie Salonia and Adniel Sánchez were outstanding.
The Jimmy Ryan’s Bronx Grill Rams defeated the Scavello’s on the Island Black Knights. The Rams were able to defeat a very improved Black Knights team 21-0. The O-line lead by Center TY Diaz and linemen Tommy Forliano, Frankie Serrano, Jayden Diaz, Daniel Ortiz, Matthew Rodriguez and Xavier Holloway kept QB Nicolas Bustamante well protected during the game and allowed him to throw for 2 TD passes to wide receiver Kenneth Prince and TE Frankie Serrano. The third Td was by QB Nicolas Bustamante on a 2 yard run. Extra points were converted by RB’s Maximus Rivera and D’Angelo Cabrera.
On defense the linebackers and corners were exceptional. A fumble recovery by Matthew Rodriguez set up the Rams first score and D’Angelo Cabrera recovered a backwards pass missed by the Black Knights on a heads up play. Ephram Spillat and Anthony Hernandez did a great job containing outside as well as OLB Deon Gonzales who played great on both sides of the ball. RB Luis Ferran missed his first game of the season but it’s expected back for next week’s game.
Another tough games awaits the Rams against a well-coached Saints team.
For the Knights, the Rams defense was too tough for the offensive line to handle. Jayden Ramirez gave it his all however with some big runs. The o-line needs to improve for next week’s tough game. The defense tried hard but the Rams just played better. Stanley Cruz had a fumble recovery and Jayden Ramirez did his best, playing hard all game. Ndubusi Nwosu put pressure on the Rams most of the game as well, but it just wasn’t enough. Ndubusi, Jared Pérez, Denzel Collado and Sean Vega played tough on the D-line.

The Greenwich Shipping Services 14u Warriors had an off-day.

Week 3 Highlights

Posted by Joe DeSimone at Oct 1, 2018 9:29AM PDT

On a beautiful Autumn Weekend, the Warriors Football League took to the field at Pelham Bay Park. As always, our kids gave it their all and the fans had a great day. Here are the highlights:
Dugout Sporting Goods Apaches – James Enright & Kevin Enright
Barino’s Market Mohicans- Michael Miano & Tommy Calderone
Parkview Sports Sioux- Jayden Perez & Tristan Cabrera
Bronx Design Group Cherokee- Isaiah Rosa & Ethan Familia

In the first Jr Peewee game of the weekend the Cardinal Spellman HS Spartans defeated the Middletown Animal Clinic Ramblers 19-7. For the Ramblers, Offensive Lineman of the Game is Giovanni Calo-Amato as he did an outstanding job filling in at center while the Evin Noriega was inactive due to illness. Offensive player of the game was Jordan “Ice” Yepez as he scored both the TD & extra point on the opening drive. He completed a 20 yard pass to Tristan “Juju” Robson and also received a 15 yard pass from Juju. Defensive Lineman of the game was Qwamiere “Smoking Joe” Fraser as he had 2 tackles for the day. Defensive player of the day is Tyler “Terminator” Laniyan as he had 7 tackles of the day.
The Spartans were led by the 3 headed monster of Maximus Ferran, Nathaniel Cabrera and Aydin Mora. Nathaniel had 2 tds to go with 74 yds rushing. Maximus Ferran had 1 td with 78 yds. Aydin Mora had 82 yds total. Davien Silverio had an extra point and 3 sacks. Carson Lowe had 4 tackles in the back field. Jeremy Vernon had 4 tackles. Geraldo Ortiz had 3 tackles. Jomar Sanchez had 1 reception for 10 yds and 3 tackles. Jose Surita had 3 tackles. Felix Carino had 2 tackles. Maddox Burgus had 2 tackles. Over all a great defensive effort.
In the Sunday Jr Peewee game The Cardinal Spellman Spartans defeated the Parq Sports Bar Crusaders 25-8. The Spartans again were led by Maximus Nataniel and Aydin. Maximus Ferran led the team with 2 tds and 94 yds total. Nathaniel Cabrera had 1 td and 71 total yds. Aydin Mora had 75 total yds and 1 td.
Felix Carino lead the Spartans defense with 5 sacks. Davien Saverio had an extra point and 5 tackles. Carson Lowe had a fumble recovery and 3 tackles. Jeremy Vernon had 5 tackles. Jose Surita had 3 tackles. Maddox Burgus had 3 tackles. Jomar Sanchez had 2 tackles and 2 receptions for 20 yds great game played well on both sides. For the Crusaders, Marcus Victoria, Jayden Gonzalez, Ryan Weber and James Heffernan played outstanding. Jayden Gonzalez scored the Crusader’s TD.
The O’Connor Carpets Ramblers had a BYE.
In a defensively battled game the Jimmy Ryan’s Rams lost to the Schuyler Hill FH Javelins 14-0. Both TD were scored in the last 5 minutes of the game. The defense of the Rams was outstanding and led by Jayden Diaz Ty Diaz Nico Bustamante Deon Gonzales Kenneth Prince Ephram Spillat Xavier Holloway Frankie Serrano Matthew Rodriguez Luis Ferran and D’angelo Cabrera. Unfortunately the offensive line couldn’t get it going through the whole game and the injury of QB Nicolas Bustamante with 4 minutes left and down by 7 points made it harder for the Rams to recover. Another tough task will come next week against a better and more improved Black Knight team.
For the third straight game, Christian Bangura had big runs to set up the scoring for the Javelins. His long carry in the fourth quarter set up the first touchdown, a 1-yard run by QB Andrew Lane. A few minutes later on the next possession, Devon Deleon scored the final TD on a left sweep. The scoring was set up by great blocking from Ishmail Shaheed, Liam Conlon, Brandon Smallwood and Matthew Familia. Shaheed also revovered a fumble to help set up that first Javelins score. The strong defense of the Javelins held the Rams scoreless. Great game on defense by Aiden Castellanos, Jayden Ciprian, Malik Gonzalez and Matthew Familia.
In the second game, the Scavello’s Black Knights defeated the Ralph Giordano FH Saints 18-7 in a gutty battle. The Knights trailed 7-0 in the first half but the offense woke up in the second half lead by QB Joaquin Cavallito who threw his first TD of the season. RB Jayden Ramirez had a huge game, running for 175 yards and scoring all 3 TDs . Stanley Cruz Jayden Cintron also starred carrying the ball. The Knights scoring was led by great blocking which got the offense going. Outstanding linemen were Sean Vega, Mason Lorenzo, Ndubusi Nwosu Anthony Alonso Tyler Vernon and William Lappe. The defense shut down the Saints in the second half led by 2 INTs by Jayden Cintron. Ndubusi Nwosu and Anthony Alonso each had a 10-yard sack, keeping constant pressure on the Saints Offense. Defensive standouts included Judah Encarnacion, Raymond Velez, Sean Vega, William Lappe and Nwosu.
For the Saints -a5 yard rushing TD Mykal Callender ;1 point rushing conversion Justin Laniyan; 25 yard pass from Justin Laniyan to Solomon Smith; Defense stop on Knights 1 pt conversion by Adniel Sanchez; 1 QB Sack by Adniel Sanchez ;1 QB sack by Ethan Cruz; 1 QB sack by Ryan Molloy;20 yards rushing Chelsy Samuel with plenty of broken tackles; 5 tackles Adniel Sanchez; 4 tackles Ethan Cruz; 3 tackles Guy Duggins; 2 tackles Lozenzo Cortez

The 14U Greenwich Shipping Service Warriors Travel team played a home game on Sunday vs the Long Island Spartans. The Spartans were a much more experienced team and stifled the Warriors offense while moving the ball with accuracy. Standouts for the Warriors were Jeremy Sweeney, Druell Kennedy and Jason Campbell.

Week 2 Highlights 9/22/18

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Week 2 highlights
Highlights for each week’s games are submitted by the Coaches. The article is also submitted and printed in the Bronx Times Reporter.

It was the first day of fall and football season is in full swing. Our players and families enjoyed a beautiful sunny autumn day full of football and fun and many highlights. The young Flag players are improving every week thanks to their very patient coaches. Our tackle division coaches continue to do a great job teaching the boys.
Parkview Sports Sioux – Tristan Cabrera & Kalb Clarke
Barino’s Market Mohicans- Adam Lawrence & Anthony Bruno
Dugout Sporting Goods Apaches- Nicholas Colon & Timothy Colon
Bronx Design Group Cherokees- Michael Tulipano & Aaron Baquerizo
The first tackle game of the day pitted the Cardinal Spellman Spartans vs the Para Sports Bar & Restaurant Crusaders. The Spartans were led by the 3 headed monster of Aydin Maximus and Nathaniel Cabrera and Aydin Mora who led the team in yards with 94 total yards and a touchdown. Maximus Ferran had 78 yds rushing and an interception. Nathaniel Cabrera had 54 yds rushing 20 yds passing and a rushing touchdown. Davien Silverio had an extra point and 6 great tackles. Carson Lowe had 2 forced fumbles 1 fumble recovery and 5 tackles. Jeremy Vernon had 2 tackles and played the offensive line great. Geraldo Ortiz had 3 tackles and played excellent. Jomar Sanchez had 2 tackles and made a great block downfield that lead to a 40 yd run. Jose Surita had 2 tackles. Felix Carino had 2 tackles and was involved in every defensive play. Maddox Burgus had 2 great tackles. Overall the Spartans displayed a great team effort and are looking forward a great and healthy season.
The Crusaders battled throughout the game but had a tough time against the Spartans defense.

The Schuyler Hill FH Javelins faced off with the Scavello’s Black Knights. The Javelins scored early and often while their defense was stout. For the second straight week, Christian Bangora opened the scoring on the initial drive with a 30 yard scamper down the right sideline. Devon Deleon added two TDs on back to back drives and QB Andrew Lane scored on a keeper. The scoring continued with backup QB Jaden Ciprian tossing a 50 yard pass to Brandon Smallwood. The Javs O-line was led by Liam Conlon, Jayden Brown and Aiden Castellanos. On D, Ishmael Shaheed, Mathew Familia, Kenny Clark and Devon Deleon kept the Knights off the board with aggressive play. Brandon Smallwood and Logan Laboy were outstanding on the Defensive Line. The Knights continue to fight hard and are working to come together on both sides of the ball.

The late game featured a defensive battle between the Jimmy Ryan’s Rams vs the Ralph Giordano FH Saints. In a tough defensive battle the Rams defeated a well-coached and talented Saints team 7-0. As always the Rams O-LINE lead by Ty Diaz., Matthew Rodriguez, Daniel Ortiz, Tommy Forliano and Frankie Serrano kept QB Nicolas Bustamante straight up the whole game. The first and only TD of the game was by WR Deon Gonzales. The extra point was scored by QB Nicolas Bustamante. The Rams defense had it’s second shutout of the season. The defense was led by Luis Ferran, Kenneth Prince, Xavier Holloway, Ephram Espillat as well as corners D’angelo Cabrera, Anthony Hernandez, Jayden Diaz and Maximus Rodriguez.
The Rams are 2-0 in this young season and have a tough task ahead against a very good Javelins team who also owns a 2-0 record.
For the Saints, offensive standouts were Chelsy Samuel, Justin Laniyan and Richard Salonia. Solomon and Ethan Cruz were also excellent but the Saints couldn’t push a score across. Ryan Molloy did a terrific job blocking. On defense, the Saints played hard and stingy, giving up one score. Standouts were Adniel Sánchez and Ethan Cruz, who received the game ball honor.

The Greenwich Shipping Services Warriors (14u) , Middletown Animal Clinic Ramblers and O’Connor Carpets Blue Devils all had byes. As always, we thank and support all of our sponsors for keeping the Warriors alive

WARRIOR Highlights for 9/15

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DUGOUT SPORTING GOODS APACHES- Gerard Caraballo & Michael Nembhard
BARINO’S MARKET MOHICANS- Vicolas Munoz & Joey Bruno
PARKVIEW SPORTS SIOUX- Emerson Miranda & Lucas Jackson
The PARQ Sports Bar & Restaurant Crusaders defeated the Middletown Animal Clinic Ramblers 20-12 in the opening game of the 2018 season. The Crusaers offensive attack was on target throughout the game. The Ramblers fought back in the 2nd half, but came up short.
In the first game of the afternoon in a battle of the Funeral Homes, the Schuyler Hill FH Javelins defested the Ralph Giordano FH Saints 22-6 For the Javelins, Christian Bangura scored the game’s first TD on the first play from scrimmage with a 60-yard run. QB Andrew Lane scampered in on a QB keeper and Devon Deleon ran in on a right sweep. The O-line stars were Ismail Shahid, Brandon Smallwood, Matthew Familia and Liam Conlon. The stingy D of the Javelins was led by Kenny Clarke, Aiden Castellanos, Malik Gonzalez, Jaden Brown and Jayden Ciprian.
For the Saints, Justin Laniyan had a TD and 50 rushing yards, Richard Salonia with 35 yds rushing, Adniel Sanchez and Chelsy Samuel added big yards. Lorenzo Cortez contributed with a good punting game. Defensively Jayden sawyers made it closer with a big INT in the 2nd half. Chelsy Samuels, Ethan Cruz, Kiel Leonard, Mykal Callender & Ryan Molly all came up with big tackles.
Game 2 was a showdown featuring the Jimmy Ryan’s Rams vs the Scavello’s Black Knights. In a hard fought battle the Rams were able to defeat the Knight 18-0. The Oline lead by center Ty Diaz- Daniel Ortiz- Frankie Serrano and Tommy Forliano and Matthew Rodit driguez kept QB Nicolas Bustamante well protected allowing him to throw his first TD of the season on a 25 yard connection to WR Kenneth Prince. The Defense led by Frankie Serrano, Xavier Holloway, Ty Diaz, Deon Gonzales and running back Luis Ferran and Rodolfo Rivera were able to drive down to the Knights 3 yard line. QB Nicolas Bustamante had the second score of the game on a QB sneak with a big push out front led by Matthew Rodriguez and Jayden Diaz. The stingy Black Knights did not allow the Rams to score the extra point on either possesions after the TD’s. Outstanding defensive players for the Rams were Rodolfo Rivera, Xavier Holloway, Ephram Spilllat, Deon Gonzales , Anthony Hernandez as well a linebackers Kenneth Prince, Luis Ferran and Nicolas Bustamante. D’angelo Cabrera culminated a great defensive stop by intercepting the Black Knight QB and ran it back for a TD to seal the game . Final score was 18-0. Next for the Rams a tough task on hand. Saints are well coached and it sure will be a defensive battle.
For The Black Knights, a team with mostly new players. it was a tough go for the offense, but the coaches are confident they will come together as a team. Outstanding players for the Knights were Anthony Alonso with a sack plus multiple solo tackles, Raymond Lopez with

2018 Season Underway

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The 2018 Warriors Football League season began on Saturday September 8th at Pelham Bay Park. Prior to the start of the first Peewee game, the Warriors held a moment of silence and prayer for Jeff Ortiz, our brother and Board Member.
It was a day of football and family, as 12 teams from 3 divisions scrimmaged and took team photos while parents, friends and relatives cheered the youngsters on. The regular season begins next week and promises to be an exciting one.
The Warriors would like to thank all of our sponsors and supporters, especially Councilman Mark Gjonaj and the Morris Park Community Association. The 2018 sponsers are: Dugout Sporting Goods, Bronx Design Group, Barino’s Market, Parkview Sports, O’Connor ‘s Carpets, Middletown Animal Clinic, Cardinal Spellman HS, Scavello’s on the Island, Schuyler Hill FH, Jimmy Ryan’s Bronx Grill, and Ralph Giordano FH, and our two newest sponsors Parq Sports Bar and Restaurant & Greenwich Shopping Services.